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I’ve just finished my second workshop with Rachel and already signed up for a third. Rachel has an unbelievable eye for finding the intentions within muddled writing and pulling a real story out from under layers of fluff and filler. Her skill as an editor and knowledge of literature are impressive, and her artful way of explaining ideas/teaching lessons has improved my own writing tenfold. Sharing material in her classroom is extremely gratifying and I always come away from it with a better understanding of what I am trying to write in the first place.
-Reuben N.

Teens can use their time in so many different ways, including exploring creative writing this fall! Writing can be both therapeutic and inspiring. It can also be a way to reflect, process, and gain comfort for those who use words in their artistic expression. In addition, learning to write creatively is an excellent way to prepare for writing college essays!

I am teaching Writing for Teens in order for young people to write their way in (or out) of their lives, escaping or observing, reading, or generating new work. From memoir to fiction to poetry to comics to sci-fi to speculative fiction, all subjects and forms of writing are welcome in this class. 

This class is open to all writing levels. 
There is also an option to continue the classes after the initial 6 weeks.

Fall offerings

My Creative Writing Class began when I first started Ditmas Writing Workshops, and it has been a mainstay as I’ve expanded my offerings over the past 10 years.

It’s always exciting to observe and participate in the ever-evolving Workshop dynamics as new writers give fresh perspectives and returning writers build on their previous experiences.

My Workshop critiques two to three student submissions each week. I use the writing presented as inspiration to bring up key craft lessons, and observations on structure, technique, voice, world, point-of-view, and tone. Each student is given a line-edit and critique for each of their submissions from me, as well as critiques from the other Workshop members.

People working on larger projects (novels, memoirs, short-story collections, etc.) will find a very supportive atmosphere in which we assess the best way to tell each narrative. We also talk about outlets for your work, including thoughts on marketing, agents, editors, and publishing.

Although this class is for more experienced writers, you do not have to have work ready before beginning. This class is ongoing and usually begins a few weeks after the previous session ends.

Fall offerings

A selection of books that were worked on in my Creative Writing Class:

NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The Wall Street Journal • NPR • New York Public Library • LitHub • Mental Floss

NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The Globe and Mail • Glamour • TIME • Real Simple • Good Housekeeping • Marie Claire • Town & Country • Bustle

“In the workshop I took with Rachel Sherman…she impressed me with her generosity as a reader: even though students were working in many different genres, from prose poetry to magical realism to traditional literary fiction, Rachel looked at each piece on its own terms, with a keen eye for its particular strengths and weaknesses.  She also creates a welcoming, respectful environment in the classroom where everyone’s voice is heard.  After studying with Rachel, I had a much clearer sense of what direction my novel needed to go.  She’s a terrific teacher, and I highly recommend her course.”-Chandler Klang Smith (author of THE SKY IS YOURS)

Fall offerings